My name is Kenneth Pickernell the 3rd, currently I’m a blogger and fiction writer. Some days inspiration will strike and you get a nice short blog post to read. Some would be inspirational, others informative. So far an ongoing series would be the Mad Scientist posted every Friday. Honestly I never expected to get any reactions really from anyone, let along followers.

With the loss of my Mom at the start of the year, I’ve drifted around wondering what to do. So far, this is where I ended up. It is something to pass the time, and it is going alright really. Slowly piecing myself back together, one has to be strong for those that look up to you.

So far I’ve also turned back to my hobbies, I crochet stuff now and then, I’m actually thinking of selling some goods such as blankets and wrist warmers. Perhaps some scarves or slippers. I’m also contemplating writing an ebook, just as a curiosity really. hard times are upon us lately, but I wouldn’t have it  any other way. Without these downfalls, there would be no way to experience the uplifting moments to the fullest. To help one understand life.


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