Our Stories, Our Characters

When characters become self-aware that they are naught but characters in a book, or only there for the entertainment of people. They try to show the others, but the author is cruel, and erases their memories of any such thing, leaving the main character alone in the knowledge that they are the only ones truly alive. Perhaps their alternate self comes along trying to make a difference, because they had ‘read the book’ and the main character is their favorite, and they want to change the ending.

How can we authors and writers be so cruel to the ones we care for, even if just words on a page or screen. I tell you, it is because we can, to hold a person’s life in our hands, to let go or pull away from danger. Perhaps our own story isn’t so great, being nothing but a play thing, a figment of imagination to millions of others. Perhaps those voices in our heads belong to the many voices of other main characters who had met their terrible end, and wish to warn us of things to come.

Some of us have a fairy tale life, while others are written as tragedies and horror. Those fleeting moments of deja vu are moments where the author comes up with a better line to use, a better description. Long moments of nothing happening because our authors have gotten stumped, perhaps this is our transition between dialogue and actions, leading on to our great climax.

For many this is the end, no more to be written, a small horror, drama, tragedy written in the fit of anger and frustration. Yet for others, it is just one book closed as the sequel is written, our next chapter. Those adventurous types, becoming saga length novels with many spin offs. The dull boring lives written as a homework assignment, perhaps just an extra put in as needed.

Many have gone mad, or gave up thinking on these things. More or less theories, there is no actual evidence of such a thing happening.

I will say this though, if it is true, then we are all a main character in some way, and our story has not yet begun. We are just in the prologue of our lives, and it may start tomorrow. For others, they near their peak of the story, nearing a conclusion yet to be written.



One Step at a Time. Trust Me.

Have you ever encountered a slug on the ground? Have you just watched it move slow as possible? Quite cliché I know, but then you noticed a large amount of time had gone by without you realizing it? Yes, for you the slug hadn’t gotten very far, but to that slug it had gotten further than it was. That, is how depression works people, or at least those that are recovering from it.

One step at a time, and eventually you realize you are standing in front of a world wonder, according to you. You will wish to die every moment, if only to escape the total emptiness, or the feeling of doing something totally wrong. Just staring at nothing for a period of time. Maybe even fooling everyone around you by making them feel better will hopefully make you feel better. It doesn’t.

In order to get anywhere, you must realize, depression isn’t cliché. Just because you don’t actively think of ways to die, doesn’t mean that you are just slightly suicidal. I’ve read a few stories about how someone won’t actively seek suicide, but won’t prevent them selves from dying anyway. That, is suicidal. Be on the look out please, sometimes depression speaks up about death in jokes. “Oh when I die, I want so and so. This and that.” Please reach out to these people, even just listening helps. Look for the lack of motivation, people who worry just a little too much, who talk about money issues. Perhaps those that are far too cheerful. Robin Williams comes to mind here, one of the great comedy actors and hardly anyone knew how severe until after the fact.

Extreme anxiety can be easily explained away. Perhaps you suddenly break into a coughing spell when talking to someone, that feeling of dust in the back of your throat. What if they leave me, what if I’m too annoying. Maybe I’m just bothering them. No, you are not. The fact you would think of these is a wake up call. On the flip side things can get aggravating, just the sound of someone breathing will enrage you, your clothes will feel far too clingy, and the lights far too bright. Being aware of every thump, as the heart beats, feeling every little quake as someone walks around the house. That is sensory overload, perhaps another clue that people overlook, thinking that it only happen to them.

Prioritize, knock these worries out one by one until you don’t think in ‘what ifs’ but ‘what next.. hm’. Legitimate worries should be the first to be taken care of. If it’s bills I got a whole post for priorities right here. Above all else on that particular list, is to make sure you have enough food to last you 3 days. That’s it, three days. Then on that third day, find more food to last you three more days.

Just remember, not everything is as bleak as it seems. Sometime we must walk a long tunnel to see the light at the end. Life is unfair, for everyone to some degree. This does not justify your reasoning, it in fact should motivate you to get out of the situation.

Our current situation is not our final destination.


P.S. I had forgotten to publish this ages back. Perhaps it is incomplete, it will just have to do. It seems finished.

I was only 11.

So, this post was made at 3:45 in the morning, it will be jumbled and perhaps repeatative, but I had to get this out. My point of view on this day fifteen years ago. Remember these are my opinions, and you are welcome to chime in your own. Reply your own stories if you wish.

The details are vague, I don’t exactly remember that day in detail, but it was repeating on the news all day long. I don’t think mom went to work that day, I’m also pretty sure school was cancelled. It was a quiet day though. I live on pacific time, so things had long progressed by the time I woke up at eight o’clock.

Then came the months of watching the news daily, so many things were happening. Everyone was in an uproar, so much disbelief going around. Many weekends spent going to church, praying for more and more people lost. As I said though, the details are vague.

There is… vague feelings towards 9/11 for me. I can say I lived during the times, but I don’t think I truly understood what was going on. If you asked me what happened that day, I couldn’t really say. I can tell you this though, watching helicopters on the news shooting down into the cities, night vision as tanks fire back and forth, anti-aircraft shooting up into the skies, as well as many buildings being destroyed… It was a terrible sight. War on Terrorism was always on the news somewhere.

Then came the civilian casualties, mistrust towards Middle Eastern people. It was also the time when security was tightened everywhere. I also remember hearing many jets flying around during the day.

The follow-up years as many people started criticizing former president Bush for his actions. It was also the mark up on gasoline prices. By the gods, the gas prices. In some places I hear it had gotten up to $5 a gallon. Travel was cut down to nothing, it had gotten harder to visit relatives.

In 2002, some students didn’t come to class because they were… I don’t know, considering 9/11 a sacred day or something. They figured things would be closed that day. It was either them or the parents.

So here we are, fifteen years later. Show the documentaries and I’ll probably get emotional from the stories. Yet ask me about it, I can tell you it was… a secondary thought for me, today anyway. The world changed that day, and it still affects many today, so lets take a moment of silence for those that are no longer here, for those sacrificed on this day fifteen years ago. For those who gave their lives for a cause in the following years, both the willing and the forced.

Good day readers,


Unforeseen Delays.

Ok, so we’re getting things done, sorry for late posts, but I did warn you all that this was a passing fancy. Whoever may be out there, save us from the paperwork. Still, it should be worth it in the end, most things take patience.

Perhaps we’ll push back our traveling back another year, who knows. It takes money and planning. It would be a disaster going forward without proper planning after all. Besides that, I don’t even have a decent camera for the sights. The ultimate goal I suppose is get ready to travel the country by age 30 at least.

Also I know I have followers, the problem is, I have no idea what they see in this particular site, let alone its content. Still, we shall at least try to post at least once a week if possible.

Other than that, on with the show. -Kenneth

Breakdown After You Search.

Ok, calm down, we can do this today. Now, has anyone had a horrible experience with lost money? As if it just disappears? Now, I’m not pointing fingers, but unless someone is running around houses and stealing money, there is only so many people to point the blame at. Now, before we go running around and actually pointing fingers we need to take a deep breath, and scream internally for a minute while we scrub our memory of where it Could have been misplaced. Done? Have you taken out your wallet at any point to take out a fiver, or some such? Retrace the steps if you must. Check the sock drawer, safe, under the pillow, between the mattresses, and what not? If it’s there then cool, for you anyway. Now, for the rest of us we can now investigate and ask questions.

As much as we don’t want to, we have to start somewhere. Who was around earlier, where was the money kept before, does anyone besides yourself know about it. Be sure to ask the kids, because they may not be old enough to understand what money actually is, they do know that currency can be exchanged for goods, such as candy and toys. Be VERY sure to ask the visiting relatives, because they might just need gas money and thought that they could pay you back later. Ask if anyone has been around today as well for good measure.

When all is said and done, well all we can do next is borrow money from everyone we can, because that right there was bill payments, home essentials, and food. Lets hope it is a misunderstanding and it will come back eventually. We can only blame ourselves for misplacement of funds, and lack of attention towards it as well as a lack of security. You can scold relatives about borrowing before asking later and not snap as a first response.

‘Asking for forgiveness’ sounds reasonable to some, especially when ‘asking for permission’ seems like a bad idea. Don’t worry, we can forgive, but we will not forget, and this doesn’t mean do so again. Make that point clear as you can as well.

P.S. Mad Scientist XI will be up a little late as I panic around for a moment, it still has a few touch ups to do on it.

Here’s to 50

So, here I am, toasting myself with a cuppa coffee, and toasting you faithful readers and followers, and then decide to make a post on it. Fifty(50) posts so far, along with (at the time of this post), 37 followers. Quite impressive since I am not taking this quite seriously as I probably should.

Then again, this blog was made on a whim, so that is hardly surprising news. What is news to me, is that there are a few dozen people who apparently like what I write, and I have no idea why. Inspiration? A decent short story? Perhaps relativity to a post? I’ll never know but hey! 50 post milestone achieved! Perhaps now is time to buckle down and get a bit more serious no?

Here’s to 50 more and the future followers yes?


Late Post, 7/19/16

What inspires me as a blogger to well, blog.

Bud Not Buddy, a story of a boy looking for his father, going only from a handful of stones to guide him along. I only remember this story because it was one of the first ones to really inspire me to be a reader, probably a writer as well come to think about it. We had to read it in middle school English class. Our teacher also had the audio book of it, start of the day we would listen to about five-ten minutes of it, and then write down our thoughts on it.

What really got me into the idea however was J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.

Yes, go ahead and laugh, but it was what inspired me, now, I never found out about Harry Potter until I watched the first one, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’ s(Philosopher’s) Stone. By the third movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I had found the paperback copies my younger cousin was reading for class. I borrowed them, and wow, so much details, many things left out. Story of a film adaptation all around I know, but still it was a wonderful read. She apparently wasn’t interested in them I suppose, seeing as I found the books just laying there haphazard. She hardly noticed they were missing. It was there, all first four books, and it took me little more than a week to read them all.

I can remember my first Harry Potter book I owned though, it was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It took barely 3 days of near constant reading to finish the book. It was a total turn around really, it was then I realized, harry was becoming a teenager.

Yes, it was then things started to change, as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince showed as our main mentor… Well, spoilers honestly, but I won’t ruin it for those that haven’t read or seen what happens. The thing that gets me though, was that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows seemed… rushed if I was being a little honest. Sure, some parts were great, and they felt right… and yet others felt awkward and a little lackluster.

Hah, here I am going off tangent. Perhaps this is a Harry Potter review no?

Eh, yeah… So here I am, 25 going to 26, telling a whole host of strangers how I decided to take up writing, or at least blogging. Go figure, it is nearly 2am pst, and I realized I forgot to post the Sunday Post. Perhaps I’ll add a new category specifically for Mad Scientist, for those that wish to read them back to back instead of hunting for them. Give the lad a break yes? It is only his first year blogging, if that, he can still learn. If you have any ideas, or opinions lets see them alright? There is a comment section around here somewhere, I’m sure. Share it with others if you wish, I honestly don’t mind, even a stinging review is a review in the end anyway.