Mad Scientist XII

“Log entry, After going over after battle reports, it is very apparent that we need a major overhaul done. Starting first with our military branch, most of the equipment is outdated by years. Our ships should have been far more maneuverable than what reports suggest. Someone in our ranks had been sabotaging the armed forces. Honestly civilian thrusters? Outer hull turrets?” I glare at the reports for a moment, “The mutiny was stopped for now, but I get the feeling it was not the only one.”

“It is time to broaden our horizons once more, the universe is a large place after all. Agriculture is only one such trade, and it is apparent that technology is advancing once more. We should be the ones at the forefront in leading edge research.” drumming my fingers on the desk I contemplate what to do. “Very well, I suppose it is time to get back into the field. Violence is only one such battleground, we need to be seen as well as heard. To show the universe that we are not some myth or washed up group.”

I send out more orders and directives to our research group. “I really don’t want to start anew once more, it is so bothersome doing so. And yet there is only so much one can do to upgrade what is already available.”

Sipping from a mug of hot chocolate I contemplate what else there needs to be done. “Bring up plans for X-22 class 3 fighters. Open possible attachments and modules.” The perks of being a mad scientist was finding a way to avoid sleep whenever possible without impacting the mind and body. I spent the rest of the days leading to the meeting improving designs and ideas.

“This is One, target is in sight once more. Nothing changed, get four ready to intercept. No killing, no maiming, we need to figure out what her connection is to the traitorous dogs.”

“Very well, public or private?” they asked as they moved through the shadows.

“Private and quiet if possible, Three get ready for emergency extraction.”

The mission went without any issues. This saboteur caught with none the wiser she was even missing. Such was the life of a loner.

Sorry for the delays, life had caught up really fast and had almost drowned me in paperwork. Yet we persevere and came out on top. Not to mention I have no real direction for this short series. Ideas are welcome, remember this is just a writing exercise.



Mad Scientist XI

“Report. How did we lose two squads.”

“We split up to cause as much spread out damage as possible within the mission perimeters. We had not expected them to be ready however for an invasion, even if it was only a few ships.” Boris replied as he was going through other reports.

“I’m afraid there were outside sources working as we were, a rogue group was attacking Earth. Outer patrol forces were out patrolling rather aggressively, and according to after battle reports, the inner planets were under heavy defense as the Federation started deploying.” I explain, going over my own reports and scans.

“We lost two ships as they led majority of their forces on a chase across the system. We had managed to strike a few buildings before we were attacked. Yasha and Viktor died when our turret was struck. Nona was knocked out as well. Yasha had been in the turret when it was blown apart. Viktor died by depressurization, the idiot had taken off his helmet.” Boris explained.

“Hm, noted, spread the word, helmets are to remain on during combat situations. If any provisions and equipment are needed tell the commanding officers and lead researchers. Everyone is to be sent to the infirmaries for combat physicals, effective immediately. Any medical issues are to be addressed at once.” I declare, sending out the directives. “And the other two ships?”

“One managed to lead a large group to Mars before being taken out by the planet satellite defenses. I’m pretty sure that was Jack’s ship, he was always a risk taker. The other, which I believe belonged to Chen, they were calculated in their chase, and had managed to take out some ports and shipyards. Ultimately they died near Venus, logs indicate that their life support systems had failed twenty minutes before the ship crashed and burned. It is noted that the crew fought until their own internal systems failed. Two minutes later they had used their craft to crash into a major communication installation, one of three systems if the reports are true.”

I rub my face in frustration. “The suits systems are meant to last longer than twenty minutes, what had happened to the redundant life support systems each vessel has?”

Boris scanned the ships designs for a moment, “Give me a moment.”

Turning to the other screen, I continue. “Triangle, report.”

The apparent leader rubs his chin a couple times before answering.”Sources indicate the Federation is behind current corruption in the system. The root of the other problem rated a seven out of ten. So far it is taken care of.” He continues to fidget for a bit.

I stare impassively at the screen, reading the body language. Chain of command compromised, two commanders, fifteen lead researchers. Private company affiliated with Federation. Orders. “I see, take a vacation.”

Find out who.“Very well sir.”


“It is apparent that those updates were not installed, nor were the plans updated in two years. Do these plans match yours.” My screen flashes as many diagrams pop up, charts fly around on the screen.

“No, these vessels are outdated by five years. These turret placements are horrendous. And those thrusters are decent, for civilian purposes.” glaring at the screen I look through the logs. “It says here you had received the updates.”

“We got some decent cannon upgrades, but it requires two people to use.”

“Gather the other leaders! We are going to sit down and talk about this. Are all vessels like this?”

“Yes Sir, the only ones that look newer are yours. That is  a given since you are Overlord.”

I slam my hand down, silencing him. “Unacceptable! Get everyone together, we meet in a week’s time to discuss this! Out!” the screen closes on his surprised expression. “Edgar, how goes the recruitment? Give me some good news.”

“Well sir, we got some potential prospects. It depends on what you need though sir. As it stands though, we have enough for a company of mercenaries for now. Perhaps enough actual recruits for a platoon, though training them might take a year or so unless we fast track them.” He goes through his own reports. “Interest is there though, maybe if we build a few flagships and advertise, we might get more people. I’m not sure where to look however, since I have no idea what you want these forces to do.”

“Hm, recruit for open space battles for the moment, if you can start looking for footmen, we are going to take on empires, a few fancy high tech battleships won’t make too much of a difference.” I type up commands and directives. “Now, these are the parameters of your recruitment for the moment. We will need a few flagships. You are to command one of them. We are going to need many destroyers, frigates, the works. I will start the production of vehicles and what not. For now find and train enough manpower for three flagships armed from bow to stern.”

“Very well Sir. Any other orders?”

“Cease any and all operations around the 10th sector, we want to increase our trades for now, and the 10th is to be considered black listed to us. Find any reason, so long as trade there is gone. They’ve caused nothing but problems so far. Get in touch with the triangle as well, they’ll need to search out our foes once more. And get me a fresh shipment of chocolate, I’ve been going through chocolate withdrawals.” I add last moment, “If possible send out a group to that planet to start cleansing it, the place was perfect for our productions. It would also be best to wipe any records of the place so we can retreat there as needed.”

“Thy will be done Overlord.” With that Edgar signed off.

“Back to work, I swear running a corporation has nothing but paperwork, even if there is no actual paper. Technology can change all it wants, but we are still bound by legalities and paperwork.” I ramble on to myself.

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Mad Scientist X

The Firelands was the new name christened upon the lands one inhibited by heroes. The earth was scarred to the bedrock, magma flows could be seen now and then. It all meant nothing though. Not when the message was loud and clear. “You had clearly forgotten that I exist in this universe as well haven’t you.”

A man in a black lab coat could be seen, his eyes aglow with his blue eyewear, contrasting the fiery sky. Debris from various craft could be seen burning to bits in the atmosphere in the distance. “Seek me out if you wish, just remember who saves your lives on this day.

“You dare set foot on this land! How dare you!”

“I dare because you all need to be taught a lesson, one you had forgotten many years ago. This universe is vast, and it was your duty to see to it that everything was kept in check. Tell me oh vaunted heroes of earth, how is it that you got attacked so easily in your own homeland?” He spreads his arms wide, “Your vaunted holy powers had failed, quite a long while back, and you never even noticed.”

Another strike, faster than lightning struck the mountain range, taking another chunk out of it. “Where is your gods now? Those who had forced me to flee my homeland? It burned just being near this forsaken place. But now this forsaken place burns with my return. Watch your backs heroes, the Overlord is back, for vengeance.”

Quite a few attacks slammed into him at once, blasting dirt and dust everywhere, various heroes could be seen flying around shooting more attacks. The ground exploded, fissures spreading out fast, gale force winds blowing the dust away, tossing the airborne heroes to the ground. The volley of attacks had no effect what-so-ever. The figure grinned, “As I said, seek me out if you wish.”

He made a large leap as a space craft picked him up, launching back to space.

“Evasive actions Yorick!”

“Lead them through the asteroid field. Delta squad is waiting for us in sector 2-5, I repeat, Delta is waiting in 2-5.”

“Roger that”

A few sharp turns, the cannons blazing away, they made it if barely.


It was as if the rocks came alive all at once, firing death at every ship in the vicinity.

“Boris here, do you think we made enough of a distraction?”

“I would say so, we wiped out 3 percent of their forces, a considerable amount since it was mostly their solar system defense.”

I righted myself, noticing my tank running on low once more, hardly suprising with all the heavy breathing and quick movements. “Natasha, we need to get out of here, our tanks are almost out. We can check on Nona while we’re at it.”

“Where the fuck is Viktor?”

“The asshole didn’t make it, he took off his helmet because ‘it distracted his aiming’. The only reason we’re alive is because of them.” I reply back, heading to the airlock.

She remained silent as she surrendered the systems back to automatic. “And Yasha?”

My eyes water a bit but my voice remained stern, “He got a large piece of metal through the head when the cannon exploded. I was going to take his place since an earlier explosion messed up his shoulder while we were getting to the cannons.”

“Tch. Remind me to pack his stuff later, we can send him out the way he wanted to.”  she replied back, suddenly bitchy again.

“Hah, stuffed in a cola box and sent to a star, why not. Said we can have his booze right?” I say, perking up at the idea. “I’m pretty sure Viktor had a stash or two somewhere as well. Want to get wasted later?”

“So long as you keep to yourself, I won’t want to wake up to you and your stinking breath.” She shot back.

“One ready, how’s the charges three?”

“Set, the Boss will not like this, especially with who is conspiring against us.”

“Guys, focus, are the targets ready? Two ready.”

Number One looked around, a couple officers sitting around the mess hall while other crew members milled about. “Signal the second triangle on the rest, starting the recording now.”

Everyone in the mess hall looked up as the monitors changed. “So you’re telling me we can kill the guy with this.”

“Sure, so long as you sell us the rest of the company. Our cause needs weapons, yours are top of the line.” The man replied.

“You traitors!” Two yelled from the balcony, hidden by the artificial bushes.

The rest of the crew caught on and stared down the suddenly nervous people from the video feed. “The ‘overlord’ is dead to us, so long as you kill the second in command as well, it will all be ours.” many of the crew stood up and advanced upon them. It only took moments for a riot to start as the mutiny died that day.

“One here to Four, hows the situation.”

“Five here, four is busy, they were waiting for us, but we got things under control. Six is taking care of the rest on the ground.”

“Roger that Five, Three, blow them up.”

“With pleasure.”

I stand up, my usual uniform changed into that of a standard research/crew member. “For the Overlord!” I shout as I shoot the back of another traitors head.

“In todays news, Federation supply caravans exploded from catastrophic failure, Investigations are still underway. So far however, this caravan was noted to be carrying illegal substances and cargo, no statements have been released yet, but this bodes ill for the Federation. The only casualties was a private cruiser of a corporate sponsor who had joined the escort from defense against increased piracy activities. Our condolences for their families.”

“In related news, the Solar System has been attacked by what appears to be mercenary forces who had taken out majority of the Federation Defense Forces defending the system. The solar system is on lock down until further notice.”

The news anchor paused for a moment to let the news sink in.

“The planet known as Earth has also suffered in another separate attack, mainly on the heroes central headquarters. No news is forthcoming on who instigated the attack, only that it had left devastation across the land, the Heroes only response was that they are launching an investigation.”

The reporter continued on with other news, the return of the overlord had been kept quiet for the moment. Not that it would last long.

End chapter

Another installment of Mad Scientist series. Hope you enjoy.


Mad Scientist IX

(note: There will be some generous swearing, some explosions and generalized violence, you have been warned I suppose)

“We are within the outer borders of the Solar System sir. Escort services have been alerted to our presence.”

“Disable their crafts, as not fatally as possible. Prepare the piloted drones for battle, the 18th should be striking anytime soon. We will only have hours to spend before they catch on.”

“Roger that Sir, firing EMP cannons now.”

I watch dispassionately as streaks of blue went past the view port striking targets far out, “Tow them along, we shall drop them off on Uranus. How long until their scans pick us up?”

“Two hours sir, it seems there is heavy conflict on the planet mercury sir, they are still mobilizing their forces, it won’t be long until they start reinforcing the borders.”

“Very well, prepare jump to the outer borders of Earth, we must be quick about this, the federation is reacting faster than anticipated. Belay those previous orders. Blast them apart.” I declare, activating the hidden protocols for my personal craft. It was made in such a way that it was virtually hidden from all types of scanning equipment, the paint job done to a mirror finish to better hide in the background.

“Prepare the fighters to distract the lunar bases, have six squadrons defend the ship from oncoming fire, set the nanobots to emergency repair.”


The patrol craft exploded, breaking into pieces, small quick fires erupt for a brief moment as the oxygen burned out.

Moments later we come across planet earth, it had changed much since humanity had taken to space. Cityscapes had risen up around the surface, clearing the way for forests to flourish, once barren wastelands now adorned with life. Efficiency was the name of the game, and pollution was at it’s all times low.

“Earth, so much has changed since I last laid eyes on it. Get the planet cracker ready, we are here to send a message.”

The channel changed suddenly as it was invaded by the local enforcement. “This is the Federation Defence Force, you are entering protected space, we ask that you cease all operations. I repeat, you are entering protected space, cease all operations or be fired upon.”

I raise an eyebrow, apparently many things have changed, their peaceful ways are slowly receding back. “Stand down or we will open fire, no one needs to be hurt.”

“You dare threaten us?”

“Aim for the lunar base, target their defenses, but leave their shields up.”

He looked a bit panicked as he motioned off-screen. “This is your last warning!”

“Fire away.”

They opened fire at the same time we had, only ours managed to take out their weapons systems while their wild shots spread wide, missing. “Take out the communication towers, now!”

A few more shots go out and the feed cuts suddenly. “The planet forces are likely getting ready, we need to be quick. Fire on the nearest land station, cripple the craft with minimal casualties if possible. send the drones to keep the lunar base grounded, we don’t need a two-way battle just yet.”


I send my drone out, the controls fine tuned to my actions, it had taken off to where the latest coven of heroes were located. “Keep the defending forces occupied, alert me when outer forces start noticing us.” The drone had broken atmosphere and it appears that the coven was under attack from other forces already. “Figures, arming firing systems, the heroes need assistance apparently.” With that I fired on the attacking forces.

“These bastards are persistent I’ll give them that much.” Yorick said as he tried to shake off the pursuers. “Ivan, get on the port side cannons we’re going to circle around, take out those fast fucks.”

“Sure, so long as you get Dimitri on the starboard cannons, I just seen a couple trying to flank us.” He said as he jumped through the hatchways, his headset slightly eschew  from being thrown against a wall from a particularly strong turn.

“Affirmative, you heard the man Dimitri, get on the cannons!”

“I hate this job, I want to board them! My blade hungers!”

“GO! You can complain to the Overlord later if you wish!” Yorick yelled back as he made another sharp turn to avoid fire. “How’s Boris?”

“I’m fine, just got the wind knocked out of me.” I say standing back up, ever thankful I was wearing my suit, since there was a large hole where I was seated moments ago. “The lower cannon is gone, and I’m pretty sure Yasha is dead, he’s not responding. I’m heading to the top cannon now. I’m sure Nona is down right now.” I grimace as I enter the airlock, “Natasha is probably trying to work the cannon herself, the crazy bitch.”

“Aye, get there and get those cannons singing, it’s far too quiet without them. Yorick out.”

“Dimitri, Ivan, how long until you get those things working.” I had made it to the second airlock, as I suspected Nona was thrown against the hull while Natasha was busy trying to turn the turret while firing.

“Mine is ready now, but I must wait until we circle them. These things can’t aim back nor turn that far.” Ivan said, before being overcome by Dimitri “Die you fuckers die!”

“Dimitri, calm down or you will melt the barrels off. Natasha isn’t responding, going in.” the doors finally opened and I was sucked in momentarily, apparently there had been a hull breach somewhere. “Natasha!”

Upon seeing me she started yelling, no sound however was heard, apparently she was in a panic and had forgotten to turn her communicator back on. “Turn your Comms on, you crazy bitch.” I motion to the buttons on my own suit, making my way to the turret controls.

She fumbles for a moment, I should have turned the volume down really, her voice was loud and quite annoying. “You asshole! Get the controls back on! I can’t do this myself!”

Shrugging I jump on the controls while she jumped on the cannon seat. “All systems in working order, fire when ready.” I say, designating the other battle drones. Dimitri’s cannons firing in bursts now and then as many of the drones and fighters take damage. “Shield integrity low, redirecting emergency power. Yorick, how are the repair drones?”

“I am working on it, their commands are trying to repair the lower cannon. I am trying to redirect them, but that last EMP blast must have shorted the relay somewhere.”

“Well do what you can, and send someone to pick up Nona, her systems show she is alive at least. Suit them up, there is a hull breach somewhere here.”

“Affirmative, Yorick out.”

“Hell of a way to start the day Natasha!” With that I do what I can to assist her. “Wheres the other two ships!”

There was quite a long pause before I got a response “They pulled back to deal with the Federation, last transmission was that they were going to bomb a base, no further transmissions since then. They are assumed dead until otherwise.”

“Very well, our objective then is to take as many down as possible, and meet up at the extraction point, its a good thing we only sent three craft yes?” More drones were joining the fight, our had been taken out within moments, making a decision I activate the secondary turret. “Yorick, keep us alive, Boris out.”

“Target is in sight, any others Two?”

“A few more, the traitors are more than I care to admit, not quite rotten to the core, but enough so that we’ll have to go with order seven instead of nine.”

“Public or quiet”

“Public, we need to find out who they’re dealing with, and the scope of corruption. We take them now, our trails will only slip away like water in a fist.”

“Aye, Three, what do you see.”

Over the short-range radio they answered. “Two speeders on the way, in the distance I see a first class B-25 cruiser. I an only assume the speeders are armed in some form. Orders One?”

“Hold fire, is there any way you can identify who owns the Cruiser?”

“Negative, it is unmarked for the most part.”

“Then we wait and see. Triangle One out.”

End Chapter.

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Mad Scientist VIII

Tell me young scientist, do you have what it takes to work on your fellow-man? To test out your theories on humans? Go ahead, you will be great.

“Log entry, the dreams are coming up again. I wonder sometimes how many lives I’ve forsaken, in the name of research. It is so simple activating every nerve in the body, and keep the mind functioning and alive. To make and break someone over and over. I’ve created perfection many times, yet it is all pointless in the end. To turn my foes into weapons and tools to do my bidding.”

I stare into the eyewear once more, pondering recent events. “I’ve often wondered if I can purge a planet, wipe out all life and start from scratch. To be a God, in every sense of the word. I’ve seen that folly though, the road that leads there. All a falsehood built upon falsehoods.”

“Still, it seems like a fun idea, pretend to be an almighty god, choosing who lives and who dies. Being worshipped as I should, mess up a life on a whim, just to see what will happen. To grant every wish just because I can.” I pick up a crystal mug and take a large gulp, savoring the burning sensation. “Then one day, just obliterating it all, just to see what they will do in the face of destruction. Cower in fear perhaps? Try to avert it all with some kind of technology? Pray for salvation?”

I bark with cruel laughter. “What a joke. There was nothing that planet could have done when I detonated that star. There was nothing in the universe that could have shielded them from that kind of destruction aside form divine intervention. Apparently, there were no gods listening that day.” I lean back, drumming my fingers on the cold sterile console, the eyewear, tinted in blue, taunting me somehow.

“To be forgotten though, how the mighty have fallen far. We had used to be up there with the archaic bogey man, the dreaded Overlord.” Slowly a sprout popped out of the metal, creating rust and fissures as the metal gave way to the new life. “The Empty Rose, a mystery to many in the botany fields of research. No one knows quite where they come from, only that they can sprout from nothing, and can sprout anywhere. The plant also seems to bypass any scans, so the only way to observe is to be there when it happens. Oh Mother how you taunt me so.” I watch as the sprout blooms, and small roots and vines start wrapping around the frame of the device. Within moments the petals bloom, and the vines drag the eyewear to me.

“Very well, who needs a hero in this age, when there are so many out there. The universe had forgotten what a true monster is. The Solar system has gotten far to complacent in its self superiority.” I put on the eyewear, the lens flash once as it activates. “Complete log”

Pressing in a few commands I switch to the secured channels, the leader of the 18th at the front. “Alright troops, listen up, we need a major distraction, and you are the ones to do so. The target is the solar system, you are to strike at Mercury, take out as many collateral buildings as possible, do not destroy and schools however. If it is a political or government building all the better. I leave this in your hands, don’t fail me on this. Battle your way out, make as much of a distraction as possible.” With that the leader of the 18th nods and cuts communication.

I turn to the Triangle, “We have traitors in our midst.” They noticeably stiffen, a few of them making fists. “The only one I trust is Edgar, my second in command. Find out where they are, and take them out. In public view of the crew if possible. Should we be rotten to the core, the activate orders 9. Assume every except myself and the second in command to be compromised.” They stared stoically. “You have your orders, go forth.”

With that the feed cut out, leaving me and Edgar alone. “Prepare for mass recruitment, we will eventually need to rise our ranks.”

“Thy will be done Overlord.”

With that I stalk my way out, to carry my own mission, “Earth had best be ready, it will be the epicenter of a great upheaval.”

With that we speed things up. Hope you’re enjoying the storyline so far despite it being small snippets. Currently working on chapter one of this story.

Mad Scientist VII

“Yes, treachery apparently is worse than weeds in a garden, persistent and annoying. It seems we must become Overlord once more.” Here I was once more at the console, going through data as quickly as I could. “Edgar is pretty efficient, and it shall be praised later under better circumstances. Now, to deal with this problem.” With that I turn to the private channels.”Edgar, get ready for the Overlord plan, we shall show this universe that we are not to be messed with. To show who is running this show.”

“Yes Overlord, Thy will be done.”

“We’re going for shock and fear, our target will be very high-profile.” I say, as I open a hidden compartment, bringing out some advanced eyewear. The simple glasses apparently change my whole demeanor, add to the formal armor I don it gives me a somewhat fearful appearance.

“Droids are all well and good for fodder, but we’ll need some smarter firepower this time. Get the Red Triangle crew up and running.”

He looks sharply at me, before nodding. “Should we prepare the 18th as well?”

Pausing for a moment I think about it. “I said fear, not blubbering terror, but if you think it is needed then do so. Why bring them up? Is there something in the report I missed?”

He looks around, silly really since he’s the only one there, he responds “It might be, we also might have to do some… Collateral damage. It may go against our codes of conduct, but things need to be stirred up sir. The heroes are slacking, most of them not even fit for fodder. It appears they’ve gone complacent sir, the Chronical were just one group preparing for war, I say its prudent to arm up in kind.”

I frown in contemplation. “The question then, who do we fight against, what’s your take on this.”

“I say we strike at everyone, we need them all to focus on something other than each other. We might have to destroy a planet or two, we might even have to take on some of the mightiest empires out there. It will take a few months to get everything ready for such a large campaign, and we will be locked in once we start.”

“And if we don’t? What do you think our options will be?”

“We could join the heroes, push them along until balance is found once more. We probably won’t be taken serious. We start from the shadows, do some sabotage, espionage, and a few quiet assassinations. Our foes will be weakened, and we won’t have to do as much damage initially compared to the full on war.”

“Yet we’ll still be in a war anyway, but not as a primary force, more of a supporting role. No one will take us seriously would they?”

“No sir.”

I stand up and start pacing, thinking about the options. “Do we have anyone trustworthy to carry such tasks? Our recent mutiny shows that cracks are forming once more. How do we know that the whole chain isn’t compromised.” I stalk over to the wardrobe, switching out the lab coat for an armored trench coat. “I know for sure we don’t have enough forces to make waves across the whole universe. Even if we strike in a years time it is unlikely we’d pull it off successfully.” I put on some arm braces, polished to a shine, it looked innocent enough unless activated.

“Sir, as i said, we’d be ready in about six months to put on a show.”

“a show isn’t enough, people believe us dead. They believe ME to be dead.” I retort as I adjust the collar. The nano-machines take care of the rest as they start the turn the systems online. Some adjust my appearance, others start building up nanoweave for my protection. I take a small vial from the shelf, and drink it down, suddenly my body seems to reverse itself, my greying hair recedes, making way for the jet black hair it used to be. Wrinkles disappear, and my eyesight improves. “We will show them that we the researchers are not dead, not by a long shot. Prepare everyone that needs to know. The crew can wait, we have some scum to take on. The 18th will take on planetary traitors. Prepare the Triangle for our mutinous crew.”


With that I cut the line. “It feels good to put this back on.” I slip on the eyewear and suddenly take on a menacing look. “Let the universe fear us once more.”

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Mad Scientist VI

“Log entry. We had lost about eighty percent of our drones, and our flagship is in need of some decent repairs that onboard stations just can’t provide. We have made it to The Sector, where our shipyards here were top notch and somewhat specialized for research vessels. However, being deep space, piracy is rampant, and all craft are to be armed with at least class three cannons at the minimum.” I report looking over the drones and engineers get to work on the somewhat scorched vessel. I reach for a quick sip of hot chocolate, still an amazing versatile food, chocolate.

“Thankfully, we are more than armed with our class five through ten cannons. Even if we can’t exactly use the forward class ten cannon in standard fights.” One of the cannons had to be cut out, as it had sustained heavy fire at one point, others had their barrels replaced since the coolant was overcome by the constant fire, and had melted some of them closed. “I had known that we would be going from battle to battle, but i had not accounted being in constant battle. So it would appear that some of our weapons will have to calibrated for constant firing. Perhaps the stern facing weapons.”

I observed some tech workers were busy loading some tools in, as well as replacement parts. “Our ship may be EMP resistant, yet sustained EMP blasts will get through and damage some nominal systems which thankfully had reduntant back ups. War is constantly evolving, all wars eventually become ingenuity verses innovation, what works today will not work tomorrow, so it is best to be flexible to some degree.”

I bring forth the blueprints for the ship, it had become readily apparent that some upgrades will be needed. Some redundant systems replaced since modern armament had effectively made previous systems null. “Systems that had worked five years ago have now since become obsolete. It had been about ten years or so since we’ve been in heavy combat though. Some of our light class cannons barely penetrated some hulls.

Halfway through converting some stats I froze. “Oh. Well alright then, I had an epiphany, the universe is totally unaware of me and the researchers. We had almost become a myth.” I swing around my antiqued work chair over to a different computer. “Yes. It would seem we are a dead or dying society. Reports claim that our forces were weak and that our research had stagnated. How novel, we had almost become forgotten.”

I stare down at the screen, mind racing with information as it had become available. “The situation from about fifteen years back where we had been pushed back by a rival group for resources, they  had claimed that I had died and my ship heavily damaged. I remember that, we had prepared a decoy ship to fool them. Apparently it had worked a little too well. No wonder the new blood was in a mutiny. The people had forgotten my face. My, my, my….what to do with this information.”

“End log. Edgar, activate some intelligence drones, we need information. Keep this under the cloaks if possible. There is something we must find out. Gather any news you can about us. Any news in the last fifteen years, apparently I am dead and our group is in its death throes without a leader.” With that my second in command nodded before going about his tasks.

The man had been with me for the last two-hundred years now, plenty of times to move on but declined every time. He had brought me back from whatever darkness I had spiraled into. It is hard proving it, but I feel as if though he saved my life some how. Of course there is no evidence of it, since the star system had been blown to fragmented debris and soaring through space now. It had been shortly after that when the Mother caught up to me.

Yes, I dare say Edgar is somewhat important to me, and lets keep it at that.

Hello reader(s), another installment of Mad Scientist series. Think of this as small insights of a character and not the full book. Also going to start adding other characters in, see where this leads to.

Remember, this is mostly a writing exercise to keep myself busy. Let me know what you think and what you would like out of this.